Adrian Villar Rojas
From the series Two Suns

Adrián Villar Rojas is known for his large-scale, site-specific sculptural installations that transform their environs into a vision of a new potential future. Much of his work imagines the end of human civilization and of his own life, and he constructs his monuments in anticipation of that inevitability. Employing a unique mixture of cement and clay, he makes his sculptures out of a material designed to crumble while on view, thereby invoking popular conceptions of historical ruins. His works combine the daunting scale of conventional public sculptures with a precarious fragility, keeping viewers mindful of the ephemerality of even the most imposing monoliths, both resisting decay and celebrating it.

Adrian Villar Rojas’s sculptures and drawings envision the end of human civilization. Based on historical prophecies and fantasy, the artist creates apocalyptic scenarios that posit an enigmatic world plagued by social, political, and environmental upheaval.