Alain Séchas
Prêt à faire une grosse bêtise

A cat, standing like a human being, is looking at us with round and dazed eyes and holds a gun. In the background, we notice a range of unwelcoming buildings, closed in with barbwire. A sentence is inscribed inside of one of the clouds, as if it were a speech bubble, and comments ?with hope or disillusion? ?: « Ready to do something very bad ». We are left speechless and worried in front of this situation in which Alain Séchas projects us directly and spontaneously. With this installation combining a painting and a sculpture, we are given all the burden of reality to carry on our backs. With Séchas, things are clear: at first sight, it is a straightforward joke; in the end, it leads to awareness and a sharp comment on society.

Alain Séchas was born in 1955 in Colombes, France. He lives and works in Paris.