Headless (Fiction on auction)

In Fiction on Auction, the site of the auction is used to stage a fiction where the right to appear as character in Looking for Headless is offered to the highest bidder: the name of the successful biddder as registered for the auction will form the name or identity of the character appearing in the novel.
Looking for Headless is written by the fictitious author K.D and tells the story of two artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby who collaborate with an author, John Barlow. Goldin and Senneby investigate an offshore company on the Bahamas called Headless Ltd whilst Barlow writes a docu-fictional murder-mystery, also called Headless, based on these investigations. The three protagonists become increasingly entangled in the world of offshore business, while speculating about the possible connections between Headless Ltd and the secret society known as Acéphale ( from the Greek term, acephalus, meaning headless) founded by George Bataille and his circle of friends connected to the College de Sociologie in Paris in the late 1930s.
Goldin and Senneby have created a series of exhibition projects in parallel with Looking for Headless which examine elements of the novel, including the identity of Headless Ltd, and explore the juridical construction of off-shore financial centres as strategies of withdrawal from public visibility.
Fiction on Auction is the 4th project in Offer and Exchange: Sites of Negotiation in Contemporary Art (2008-2010): a series of site specific commissions curated by Daniel McClean & Lisa Rosendahl.

G+S (since 2004) is a framework for collaboration set up by Swedish artists Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby. They live and work in Stockholm.