Pratchaya Phinthong
If I dig a very deep hole

In order to make If I dig a very deep hole (2007) the artist looked for the extreme geographical opposite of Paris when drawing a straight line throughout the globe.Then, he went to this place, the Chatham Islands in New Zealand, to photograph the full moon before coming back to Paris to take a picture of that same moon.
This work brings together two diametrically opposite places, two singular experiences, two different moments and the same full moon.

Pratchaya Phintong’s works often arise from the confrontation between different social, economic or geographical systems. They are the result of a dialogue, and bring all their poetic forces from an almost invisible artistic gesture. From his travels, the artists collects objects, materials and stories that he assembles in his work. He often looks at gathering forms and matters that are opposite but that complete and correspond to one another.