Song Ta

In Kids, Song Ta has made reports to the information desk at the Guangzhou Zoo in order for missing children announcements to be broadcast throughout the zoo. Instead, the names of members of the Standing Committee of the Communist Party of Guangdong Province were called in place of these fictitious children. Song Ta facetiously subverts the status of these powerful men, later jailed for corruption, to that of children and zoo animals, whilst constructing a narrative that closely mimics and reflects upon political reality in China.

Song Ta engages various mediums, including video art, installation, drawing, sculpture, photography, and calligraphy in his practice. By adopting a swift and playful approach to manipulate political icons, power systems and aesthetic standards, Song Ta’s work deals directly with sociopolitical issues. Despite the humorous and mocking approach in Song Ta’s practice, the work provokes a consciousness and sincere contemplation of society and our status within it.