Daniel Boccato

Birdstones is a series of flat concrete slabs made from moldings of different shapes, each with two small holes. They stand vertically in space in a precarious stance. Heavy by the density of the concrete, they are also airy and floating. They can be understood as sculptural drawings which at the same time encourage us to move around them and understand the various dimensions of the form. They are monuments in tribute to the extreme fragility of the bird that since antiquity represents spirituality and freedom. We are facing a lost paradise without the beauty having completely disappeared. In these abstract forms are always present two orifices, a look that questions us. We can also guess the presence of two wings that following the positioning of the form in space can give the feeling of an ascent but also a fall.

The work of Daniel Boccato deals with the relationships between form and language, abstraction and figuration, and forces the viewer to try to name, categorize and differentiate. His works are usually made with industrial materials such as concrete, polyester and plywood, but also with found objects. He also creates sculptures, installations and paintings.