Li Pingyuan
Masterpiece in the Water

Masterpiece in the Water tells the story of an impatient collector killed by an artist and of this act of killing becoming an artwork as the story within the story sheds light on the psychological anxieties faced by soldiers during wartime, the family bond, and the supernormal. This semi-playful yet violent story explores the amusing similarity between supernatural events and the creation of artistic ideas, while reflecting on the complex relationships within the art world. It also exposes the power of superstitions, the existence of ghosts, and imagination as methods of survival. Through both its form (a story) and its various presentations in exhibitions, Lu’s work engages with key concerns in contemporary art, particularly materiality versus immateriality and narrative versus visual form.

Lu Pingyuan works with different media such as texts, videos, installations, paintings, performances and other. In recent years, Lu focused his practice on the writing of short stories of fantasy often related to the art world. Partly collected partly dreamed, the texts present enigmatic narrations, sometimes accompanied by fear. The stories are usually displayed in the simplest way (such as printed on paper and pinned to the wall), sometimes in ways according to the specific locations of the contexts (engraved in stones, or painted on the wall), all in conversation with the exhibitor