Venzha Christ
Men from Hyperion and Women from Phoebe (ver 0.3)

The installation work Men from Hyperion and Women from Phoebe (2011), for examples, features six guitars mounted on steel crossbar stands and connected to one another with slack wires. The electric guitars’ faceplates have been removed, revealing the built-in circuitry and electric pick-ups hidden under the surface. A DIY electronic circuit controls various sounds produced by the installation, while a pair of headphones allows participants encounter the work to engage on a different sensorial level. Venzha’s work is deliberately experimental and resists easy interpretation or categorization. Its unclassifiable ingenuity, however, is a testament to its inventiveness, and Venzha’s practice is invested in staking out forms of expressiveness that are as-of-yet to be realized.

Venzha Christ produces New Media works that expand boundaries of traditional creative practices. He is the founder of the House of Natural Fiber, Yogyakarta New Media Art Laboratory’ (HONF), an experimental arts space committed to exploring the intersection between education, art, and technology with local communities. HONF produced special projects in the field of media arts through the Education Focus Program (EFP). The goal of the EFP is to build connections and interactions between local/creative communities (whose interest and focus is on new media), scientists, and creators/artists. Through his public installations, workshops, and commissions, he tries to reinforce the interest in and analysis of technology in artistic production and theory, with hopes to build cross-connections between art and technology in Indonesia.