Arseniy Zhilyaev
Museum of Russian History on Bolotnaya Square

The Bolotnaya Battle Park Complex is the future home for the Museum of Russian History (M. I.R.). Located on the grounds of Bolotnaya square in Moscow, this park sits on top of what once was a swamp. Above the main building stand two bio-engineered ‘living sculptures’, which strike various poses to commemorate the brave acts of those defending the federation from foreign intervention during protests of May 6th, 2012. In the new environmentally conscious direction of city planning, the square has been converted back to its original swamp state, with the complex centrally located to house the Museum.

Arseniy Zhilyaev (born 1984 in Voronezh, Russia) is an artist, writer and political activist who lives and works in Moscow and Voronezh.

Zhilyaev’s artistic practice poses questions about the cultural production in the postsoviet condition.