Myself as a Fountain

Leonardogillesfleur describes Myself as a Fountain: “The couple kissing in the park. Pedestrian pass by with boom box, fire truck sirens and baseball-bat sounds suggest they are in New York. But the kiss is not accomplished and saliva drips from the lover’s open mouth like a fountain of unfulfilled desire.”


The artistic entity “leonardogillesfleur” is the alliance between two artists, Leonardo Giacomuzzo (b. Argentina) and Gilles-fleur Boutry (b. France). Favoring the collective whole over individual identities, the work of leonardogillesfleur explores ideas of collaborative artistic production through performance, video, and sculpture. Not only do they refer to their practice in the singular, leonardogillesfleur—which was born in San Francisco and lives and works in New York—was awarded a single MFA by the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004.