Ceal Floyer
No Position Available

NO POSITIONS AVAILABLE is composed of panels covering the entire wall of the gallery exemplifying one of the tendencies of the artist. The “billboard sign,” like a ready-made, plays with the different meanings of the title, literally and abstractly. The repetition of the sign, as it has used in Minimal and Conceptual art, fills the space. On a more abstract level, Floyer like Jonathan Monk and Mario Garcia Torres, explores the possibility of reformulating historical proposals from the 60s and 70s. Depending on the context and placement of the work, this work takes into account a socio-political reality,referring to unemployment and lack of work. This elliptical work makes sense only in the network of meanings produced by its activation in the exhibition. The artist’s primary concern is the context, understood as a given space where the work can be seen and read more broadly as an economic, social, and political network.

Ceal Floyer was born in 1968 in Karachi, Pakistan. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany.