Daniel Boccato
Nunca silencioso y verde

Parrot Drawings or Paintings look like children’s drawings and seem quite innocent. The parrot in both the Garden of Eden and the harems are associated with the symbol of purity and innocence. These symbols are found in Renaissance painting, especially in the Annunciations or the Virgins and child and later in Flemish portraits. White, originally, the wings of the archangel Gabriel will also become iridescent in the representations of the Annunciation during the Renaissance. The parrot is spotted frequently in the painting of the 19th century, notably with Delacroix and Courbet. But in this work, there is a change in the symbolism, the parrot being linked to scenes where sensuality or lust reigns. These childish representations in their realization take into account all these dimensions and references. Emerging from art history, they unfurl on a simple sheet of paper that is ironically glued to a blank canvas to signify its almost ready-made dimension.

The work of Daniel Boccato deals with the relationships between form and language, abstraction and figuration, and forces the viewer to try to name, categorize and differentiate. His works are usually made with industrial materials such as concrete, polyester and plywood, but also with found objects. He also creates sculptures, installations and paintings.