Paul Czerlitzki
Ohne Tittle

In this painting made in 2014, which is part of a series started in 2013, the artist dismantles the traditional painting process. Putting aside any formal intervention, the artist lets the membrane slowly soak up white monochrome paint through a transferring technique before removing it. In some places the structure of the canvas can be seen, while other places of the canvas are purposely blurred to evoke the texture of the material used. Although the artist’s actions can seem surprisingly simple, they express an intellectual potential and a visual complexity that allow the spectators, if not force them, to perceive the work in a clear, definite and slow way.


Born 1986 in Danzig, Pologne
Lives and works in Düsseldorf and Paris 

Paul Czerlitzki's work takes part in a reflection on painting and its material components. "The artist has therefore selected a methodological process with which he can repeatedly renegotiate, discover and critically examine painting’s material preconditions, i.e., the frame, the canvas and paint, and the objective, namely, to produce a (panel) painting. He dismantles existing orders by using the canvas as a membrane through which to apply or press colours. He also positions the canvas in relation to the space, as in an installation, or else removes it from the frame and mounts it again slightly off." (Suzanne Friedli and Elisabeth Gerber)