Takeshi Murata
OM Rider

Takeshi Murata developed an interest in space inspired by his architect parents. OM Rider features the artist’s characteristic absurdist humor and aesthetics–a mélange of highly attuned lighting and composition (in homage to Ken Price), with retro modeling and minimalist, almost antiseptic spaces.

Takeshi Murata writes about his use of media: “Illusion is one aspect that is important. Other mediums can be used in a similar illusionistic manner, but there is usually an object grounding it in reality. Video disappears and leaves no trace when the lights go on or the screen goes dark, It acts like a spirit, or a memory. The the earliest filmmakers, like Goerges Melies or Winson McCay in animation, presented film this way. As magic, I often feel the same way about working with new technology.”