Harit Srikhao
Pink Cloud Awaits

Young men are often found together in uniform, already influenced by ideology and bodily and style stereotypes. The majority of these photographs are linked to the memory of the military coup d’état in 2014 when the artist was very young. The imagination always remains at the center of Harit Srikhao’s work and may be defined as an arm against convention. Many of his works operate a distancing which is forced through the reconstitution of memory, distanced from reality. The beauty of these images lie often in the colors which cover the sky or the light which falls on the body of a child, shifting the viewer into a world that is as unreal as it is spectacular.

Harit Srikhao perceives photography as a culturally determined medium. His practice aims to unveil the capacity of the photographic image to construct historical authority and serve as propaganda. Blending fiction and reality, he aims to interrogate systems of control through which people perceive themselves, others, and the world that surrounds them. He continually probes the role assigned to truth, particularly in the history of the construction of the nation, when governing forces interfere with religion, monarchy and army. These works underline the ambiguity between social and cultural discourses which surround photography in Thailand which are very distant from Western theories of artistic photography from the 1980s and 1990s. For him photography is a tool to shed light on facts which have not been exposed by documentary photography.