Ana Roldán
Primaveral forms

Ana Roldán’s Primeval forms series looks up close at the fecund shapes of plants often found in the artist’s native Mexico. These botanical portraits, like this one of the Pseudobombax ellipticum, or shaving brush tree, bristle against the edges of the image’s frame, fecund and wild, familiar yet foreign.

Ana Roldán works in diverse media such as performance, sculpture, installations, video and collage. Using a wide range of materials, her work is inspired by cultural phenomena: historical events, philosophical ideas, language, systems, reflections on aesthetics; theoretical concepts in general. She studied history at ENAH, Mexico, and fine arts at HKB Bern from 1999-2003. Important exhibitions include soloshows at Badischer Kunstverein and at Kunsthaus Langenthal in 2011 as well as groupshows at Witte de With in Rotterdam 2012 and the participation at Lulennial in Mexico in 2015.