Eva Barto
Promesse d’endettement provisoire

The work, Promesse d’endettement provisoire (Promise of temporary debt), begins with a contract signed with Kadist. The value of the debt is decided by the collector and determines the duration of the contract. With this piece, Eva Barto questions the Kadist collection itself, the act of collecting and the forms of art that can be collected. Moreover, Barto’s artwork questions how the act of collecting can reveal the economy behind the art world and how it can thus equally be at the origin of an artwork. In the instance of this work, the proposition is to engage Kadist in this promise and the artist in this debt. In this promise/contract, the creditor (Kadist) provides financial support in exchange of an artwork whose value corresponds to that commitment, but which will be delivered only after a deadline set by the document (by becoming “beholden”, the artist also agrees to charge interest to the creditor). At the center of this diabolical device: the economy, speculation, rules governing the law of supply and demand, and of course the concept of debt, omnipresent in the generation in which Eva Barto grew up.

Eva Barto (born in 1987, France) — currently based in Paris — questions the notion of property by destabilizing the status of the author and the modes of production and circulation of her works. She creates ambiguous environments, seemingly ordinary negotiation contexts where it is difficult to grasp what is important and what is not. The objects that she creates are borrowed from reality, which she copies or modifies in order to make them deceptive. Here, power is in the hands of those who like to place bets, to counterfeit and to plagiarize.