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Renata Lucas
quadroquadro (círculo)

Lucas’s quadroquadro (círculo) employs familiar materials for the artist: wood, paper, and glass. A simple composition—a black circle inscribed on white paper, encased in a rectangular frame—is interrupted in Lucas’s work, the continuous geometry of the nested forms segmented into four broken shards. Pieced back together, these fragments comprise a whole, but it is a unity shattered, unsteadied.

Brazilian artist Renata Lucas is interested in the social, behavioral, and aesthetic implications of special constructions. Working with basic building materials such as plywood, bricks, and concrete, and influenced by the makeshift nature of much Brazilian construction, Lucas operates in and in response to specific sites. Her interventions into space interject both subtle and severe differences into a normal routine. Oftentimes, these works function to create a sort of stage or platform—a scaffold on which ordinary social exchanges are magnified, highlighted, and re-evaluated.