Claudia Joskowicz
Round and Round and Consumed by Fire

The primary interest in the trilogy is Joskowicz’s use of cinematic space, with long tracking shots that portray resistance to habitual viewing experiences of film and television. Video plays a role in the relation between the use of her locations and the stories of actual figures depicted as central in the frame. The meaning behind these historical icons such as Che and Cassidy, speak to their stories as itinerant figures whom traveled in a preglobalized era through borders and cultures in order to escape the law or overthrow it. The camera work, and the stylistic and formal devices such as tracking and establishing shots, create narrativistic voids that offer the transference of new political or social meanings.

Claudia Joskowicz is a Bolivian artist based in New York and Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Her use of video problematizes image technologies, based on how they transmit, mythologize, and decontextualize concepts like history, truth and memory. Her video work draws from the popular imagination of historical events and places, focusing on potential lapses in these histories in order to make new narrative meanings. Additionally, Joskowicz is a Fulbright scholar, and Guggenheim fellowship recipient.