Lin Yilin
Safely Maneuvering Across Lin He Road

For his action, Safely Maneuvering across Lin He Road, Lin built a brick wall on one side of a busy main street in the city of Guangzhou. He then took bricks from the sidewalk end of the wall and moved them to the street side, slowly extending the wall into the street. Repeating the same gesture for hours, he leapfrogged the whole wall across the street. His labor transformed a stable wall into a moving one that also disrupted the heavy traffic. This action creates moments of pause in the turbulent flow of urban life that permit rare moments in which one can contemplate the city’s fundamental changes.


Lin Yilin’s practice has always been an energetic and witty mingling of social architecture and everyday life. He uses sculpture, installation, performance, photography, and videos to explore how urban development affects the ways in which people relate to community and space.