Charles Lim
SEASTATE 6: capsize

SEA STATE is a research project that has spanned 13 years of the artist and filmmakers practice.Charles Lim’s multimedia project takes the sea as its focal point. Here, the sea is treated as a mapped resource, an abstract commodity, and an entity through which strategic nation-building, as well as economical and political pursuits, are built. A former Olympic sailor, Lim’s lifelong engagement with the sea reveals the invisible politics of Singapore’s relationship with the ocean as a political entity, a commodity and an imaginary boundary. The project’s early stages studied Singapore’s coastal ecology and the effects of industrial activities, while recent iterations such as SEA STATE, examine Singapore’s expansion through land reclamation and the ongoing quest to make the finite, infinite.

Charles Lim’s work encompasses film, installation, sound, recorded conversations, text, drawing, and photography. Over the last thirteen years, he developed a body of work entitled SEA STATE that explores the political, biophysical and psychic contours of the city-state Singapore, largely through the visible and invisible lenses of the sea.