Laure Prouvost
Stong Sory Vegetables

In Stong Sory Vegetables, Laure Prouvost explains that she woke up one morning and that some vegetables had fallen from the sky on her bed, making a hole in her ceiling. Each video, in this series, is an odd still life representation turning everyday elements into imaginary and funny stories. A tomato, an onion, a lemon and a carrot are displayed in front of the monitor as relics. These vegetables are also present, outside the monitor, to assure the spectators as well that the stories we are hearing are true.

The artist invites us to participate in her stories, and to sort out the inextricable connections between language, image and perception. In many of her videos, Laure Prouvost uses as a starting point her own family life, her acquaintances or even her pets. Her daily stories drift quickly towards odd and funny connections. Thus, in the video Stong Sory, the artist prepares a beautiful cake for her brother’s birthday, which contains living surprises such as spiders and birds. The piece of bread on the stand is a relic, which brings us to see beyond its mere appearance. In the same way, if Laure Prouvost uses her family as “raw material” it is not only to create a contrast with her surreal stories but also to speak about the complexity of daily life as a constant invitation into her works: “Behind! Look Behind!”.