Sebastian Diaz Morales

In Suspension a young man is hanging in the air, falling, or perhaps drifting through time and space. There is no special or definite way to understand it. And it is in this construction where Morales envisions the world as an endless void, or timeless gravity, that we fall deeper and deeper into our own humanity.

Morales' film and videos are often times surreal where social reality is reflected in a form that is visually abstract and fantasy-based. Most of his works study the relationships between a large-scale socio-political power and the actions of individuals; they reflect the interactions between people and their environment and social structures. The methods that Morales uses are twofold – in his works he uses both prepared scripts and the uncertainties of real life. His camera is focused on capturing documentary material, but he also uses footage that is experimental and that comes from the realms of science fiction.