Clément Rodzielski
Témoin rouge

Like many artists of his generation, Clément Rodzielski (born in 1979 in Albi, France) is a well-informed onlooker who works with existing images in order to reveal their mechanisms of construction and circulation. But he concentrates in particular on images which are under our eyes but not seen any longer (motifs found on internet, murals in the urban settings) or don't circulate (retro cinema posters). Based on these images, he isolates motifs or signs, multiplies different supports and gestures in order to reveal their  materiality (wallpainting, collage, cut-outs, photocopies, stencil, spray paint…) and reframe them so they can be seen better. Making abstract images and de-contextualizing them enables better attention on their pictoriality. Repeating the same operations in order to exhaust any possibilities of a gesture, Rodzielski's practice involves numerous series. From pictorial spaces to exhibition spaces, in situ work reclaims its rights as he orchestrates his hang like installation with variable combinations.