Laure Prouvost
The Parle Ment Metal Woman Welcoming You

The Parle Ment Metal Woman Welcoming You is a character originated from a series of works combining sculpture and video with a specific role— lying on the floor playing a romantic elevator tune, this Metal Woman welcomes and flirts with viewers in the space where she is posed. The characters from this series take the form of wrecked silhouettes made of sticks baring pink muscles and breasts with disproportionate LCD TV screen heads. The screen heads broadcast an endless flow of texts and images, speaking for and animating these bodies.

Laure Prouvost creates immersive and mixed-media installations that give shape to original stories and tales through videos, installations, performances, sculptures, photographs, paintings and drawings that she often combines with ceramics, tapestry and metal work. Recording details from her daily surroundings which she combines with complex family mythology, her exhibitions have often become portraits of semi-fictional characters. Her exhibitions are conceived as performative environments, in which the sound of a video becomes a soundtrack, creating a certain intimacy with the viewer. An absurd sense of humour is also present in her work, which playfully combines the French and English language.