Middle East & Africa

Rabih Mroué
The Pixelated Revolution

The Pixelated Revolution is a lecture-performance by artist Rabih Mroué about the use of mobile phones during the Syrian revolution. The lecture looks at the central role that the photographs taken with these devices played in informing and mobilizing people during the revolutionary events, due to their ability to be shared and spread through virtual and viral communication platforms.

Rabih Mroué is an actor, director, playwright and visual artist as well as contributing editor for The Drama Review (TDR) and the quarterly Kalamon. Employing both fiction and in-depth analysis as tools for engaging with his immediate reality, Mroué explores the responsibilities of the artist in communicating with an audience in given political and cultural contexts. His works deal with issues that have been swept under the rug in the current political climate of Lebanon, connected to the enduring marks left by the Lebanese Civil War as well as more recent political events.