Middle East & Africa

Barbad Golshiri
Time they Stopped (Forouhars’ house, Tehran)

Time they stopped (Forouhars’ house, Tehran) depicts the trace of a recently stolen wall clock. The clock had stopped on the time of death of Dariush Forouhar and Parvaneh Eskandari.

Barbad Golshiri is an Iranian visual artist who studied painting at the School of Art and Architecture at the Azad University in Tehran. He works in various media, including video, digital media, installation, photography, internet-based art, graphic novels and Lettrism. Aside from his practice as a media artist, he also works as a critic of he current socio-political situation in Iran. Golshiri is the son of the famous Iranian writer Houshang Golshiri. Golshiri’s art is often language-based and contains evocative critical elements.