Ren Zi
To the Cardinal Gods: Central Axial Consecration (Site 6)

To the Cardinal Gods: Central Axial Consecration (Site 6) is from a 2017 series he made during a residency in the Arctic Circle. The work reflects the vision of an authentic and talented artist, one who looks at some of the serious environmental issues we face today.


Ren Zi turned to art after having spent his working life in the business of words (advertising). He has channeled the mutative influences of popular culture, science and the multi-cultural strains that sift through the consciousness of his country. In his work, he focuses on the role memory plays in our sense of identity and of the world. This comes from having majored in psychology and from the sense of loss that grew out of growing up in a country whose past has all but been erased. Far from nostalgic, his work seems more like open-ended stories. They juxtapose scenes and figures from personal memory, history, and mythology as an invitation to weave your own connections/conclusions.