Marie Voignier
Tourisme International

Tourisme International was shot as the recording of a show on the scale of a country. In the urgency of perpetual travel, this tourist journey visits monuments, museums, institutions presented by North Korean guides whose voices we do not hear. Marie Voignier entirely redesigned the sound of each sequence in post-synchronization, making only the living experiences of footsteps and rustling of clothes audible, to create a new universe, disconnected from the official discourses. In this new decor, the artist attempts to re-appropriate the image she shot (frames and length were decided by the organizers), and gives another view of a country in perpetual representation of itself: a cinematographic representation that can be screened.

Interview in French with the artist about Tourisme International. 


Marie Voignier was born in 1974 and lives in Paris. Her work presents a subtle criticism of the transitory status of fiction within the social and political fields. One could think of her work as a documentary practice when it could rather be considered as fiction, which, beyond its collective inscription finds itself sent to the heart of the intimate, in a movement of individuation. Working on these boundaries, the artist flushes out the erring ways of a collective imagination. For instance her first full-length film L'hypothèse du Mokélé-Mbembé (2012) follows the quest of a French zoologist who investigates pygmy stories about a prehistoric monster. For years, he has crossed the jungle back and forth looking for the unknown animal: the Mokélé-Mbembé.