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Ilana Bar
Transparências de lar (Home Transparencies)

One of Ilana Bar’s best-known works is the series Transparências de lar (Home Transparencies) in which, for four years, the artist photographed her family’s rural home in Atibaia where her father lives with his two brothers and Ilana’s own brother, all three with Down Syndrome. Transparências de lar is the record of a serene, though certainly not a perfect, place. In this place Down Syndrome is not considered an alienable difference in the way that it is in Western culture, it is not problematic or a cause for social exclusion.

On the contrary, each of Bar’s subjects’ personality and worldview are portrayed with both normality and appreciation for their individuality. The series looks at the rhythm of human life combining the everyday with the imaginary. The artist sometimes directs her uncles and brother, who pose or act for her, forming a mosaic of suspended affections that present a reflection on the passing of time, beauty, similarity, difference, and love.

Ilana Bar is a Brazilian artist, photographer and researcher. Her visual projects and research processes involve the domestic universe, affective ties with people, as well as with places and moments. Intensely poetic and unashamedly subjective, her photographs transit between the real and the imaginary, between fact and fiction, between truth and perception.