Erika Verzutti
Two Eyes Two Mouth

Made in cast bronze, Two Eyes Two Mouths provokes a strong sense of fleshiness as if manipulated by the hand of the artist pushing her fingers into wet clay or plaster to create gouges that represent eyes, mouths and the female reproductive organ. Equally, there is a semblance of fruits—their succulence and fragility. While the work is sensual, the matte bronze surface refuses any expectation of softness. The sculpture was partly inspired by a viewing of a make-up tutorial, thus bringing into play an interest in make-up, disguise and the face as mask. Experimenting with the body, nature and our environment, Verzutti examines the aesthetics of our society. Through her use of textures, color, contour, weight and consistencies, the artist references the mid-twentieth century Brazilian movement Neo-Concretism to locate the temptation of sensuality, the coldness of brutality and the image of flesh in the landscape and in society.

Erika Verzutti (b. 1971, Sao Paolo, Brazil) is a sculptor of haptic floor standing and wall hung sculptures that refer to principally, the female body. Openings, organs and skin are references that recur throughout her work, while also remaining interested in recalling images the natural world, fruits, plants and trees to suggest a symbiosis between the two. The works often have a strong sexual content and suggest physical sensations and provoke fantasies. They are playful, ritualistic, fetishistic and inviting yet repelling touch at once and the same time. As José August Ribeiro has written on her work: ‘the work is succulent and acid sweet and sour and bitter, in several senses.’