Mario Garcia Torres
Until It Makes Sense

Mario Garcia Torres imagines cinematic devices to replay stories occasionally forgotten by Conceptual art. For him, this is a way of rethinking the tradition in a more personal way, to have a grip on events of recent history and examine them with a curiosity, both critical and sensual. The artist emphasizes the fact that new ideas and meanings may arise from these archaeological narratives. Until it Makes Sense seems to say that faced with the confrontation of heterogeneous elements, coherence can only emerge with the passage of time. It suggests yet that sensitive and personal observation, after all, is a valid form of interpretation of history.
Mario Garcia Torres makes his work from already written stories, whether real or fictitious. He creates new narratives based on documents and works of “mythical” artists such as Robert Barry, John Baldessari, or lesser known artists such as Allen Smithee or Oscar Neuestern.

With the care and seriousness of an art historian, Mario Garcia Torres creatively composes with immateriality and his discovery of conceptual practices dating back to the 1960s. His playful work infuses new meanings and continuity into art and some of its lesser known stories. To date artists like Michael Asher, Robert Barry, Alighiero Boetti, Martin Kippenberger have for instance been inspirations for various interventions by Garcia Torres, thus prolonging, and simultaneously slightly modifying, their contexts in present and future times. Photographs, slide shows, video, music, publications allow him to discreetly revisit narratives and myths, either by quoting facts or by inventing tangents. Mario Garcia Torres was born in 1975 in Mexico. He lives and works in Mexico City.