Jonathan Monk
Untitled (Rolled up)

Untitled (rolled up), is an abstract portrait of Owen Monk, the artist’s father and features an aluminum ring of 56.6 cm in diameter measuring 1.77 cm in circumference, the size of his father. Jonathan Monk bridges a conceptual art and his family privacy, and ironically ensures that there is “no difference between Sol Lewitt and my mother, he does not know more than she do not know. ” What is the status of the O-backed chair rail to the white cube? Monk gives us some clues. The O is an initial, the letter contains the first letter of Owen. The O is also a sign, the letter contains the restaurant sign Owen. The O of Untitled (rolled up) is thought of as an encrypted letter. The work, while it appears as a joke (?), plays upon everything. Monk questions the meaning of a work through non-conventional logic.

To enter an exhibition by Jonathan Monk is like taking part of a treasure hunt, made up by digressions and space-time manipulations. In his "Meeting pieces" (a wall text in the exhibition space indicating an appointment in the distant future), the meeting is uncertain. The amount and variety of his works, poses the question of what supports them. Monk's art does not follow any style, there is no characteristic that could help to identify his work at first glance. Monk's reading of the myth of contemporary art is through the prism of humor, irony, and anecdote.
Jonathan Monk was born in 1969 in Leicester, UK. He lives and works in Berlin.