Wibowo Woto aka Wok the Rock
Vertical Horizon

Vertical Horizon addresses a media scandal in 2010 that took over the cultural milieu of Indonesia. Someone uploaded on a sextape of pop star Ariel Peterpan with model-actress Luna Maya recorded on a mobile phone. Several days later, another video of Ariel Peterpan and Cut Tari, an infotainment news presenter in Indonesia, surfaced on the Internet. This second video taken using a mobile phone in vertical frame but transferred to a computer in default horizontal format. Vertical Horizon zones in on the way viewers unconsciously turn their head horizontally to watch the sensational videos to examine the way mobile phones have changed our lives. The work takes a critical look at both the content of celebrity in contemporary global media and the apparatus supporting this voyeuristic communication.

Born in Madiun in 1975, Woto Wibowo aka Wok The Rock lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. A graduate from Visual Communication Design Department at Indonesian Institute of Art, Wok the Rock can be described as a cross-disciplinary artist working mostly on art-based project. He co-founded Ruang MES 56, a contemporary photography collective, in 2002 and produced a short video compilation series Video Battle with Wimo Ambala Bayang in 2004. He is also active in underground music scene in Yogyakarta, producing music with local artists, running a net label Yes No Wave Music, curating music in Yes No Klub and writing for Free Music Archive and Xeroxed.