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Halil Altindere

Wonderland is a music video for the Turkish hip-hop group Tahribad-I Isyan (Rebellion of Destruction). The young hip-hop artists respond with anger and defiance to their forced expulsion from Sulukule, a historic Roma settlement in Istanbul, due to a redevelopment project. Their lyrics address issues of gentrification and inequality, while their actions show the possibilities for both violent and artistic rebellion. The video follows the artists through the derelict streets of the settlement as they run from police, breakdance, rap, and destroy symbols of the redevelopment project.

Halil Altindere has been prominent in Istanbul’s contemporary arts since the mid-1990s. He works in various media, including video, sculpture, photography, installation, performance, and collaborative projects. He often uses irony and humor as a mode of resistance to repression and an exploration of the everyday life of subcultures within Istanbul.