Carter Mull
Worker’s Clock (Lauren Bacall)

Mull’s Worker’s Clock collage works bring together images from the artist’s studio photography practice, found photographs, and pages from a phone book, laying them over a psychedelic warp of color in the background. One of the images is borrowed from a billboard, Double Block (for Alanna Pearl, Nik Nova and R. Mutt) (2013) that Mull created to hang above some storefronts in downtown Los Angeles. The pair of photographs features a woman posed in the center for rings of numbers, her body and shadow taking the place of the mechanical hands.

Los Angeles-based artist Carter Mull is an obsessive sort, and his fascinations show through in his multimedia photographic and installation-based works. Joining an interest with youth culture with an abiding preoccupation with the mass circulation of images and a fervent desire to mark the passing of time, Mull’s works come across as bright collisions of impulses and ideas. Certainly influenced by pop, Mull’s works also play with the processes of photography, taking advantage of the democracy of the digital image, and juxtaposing that, frequently, with the fragility of a fixed, printed image.