George Pfau
Zombie Swallows the World, Swallowed by the World

This work exemplifies George Pfau’s interest in zombies and liminal embodiment. In different ways, zombies are present here as an icon of coming apart, yet they retain a persistent thereness. In Zombie Swallows The World, the image of the figure is almost overcome by strong light that visually blows away the edges of the body. In Zombie Examined, the frayed edges of the body are undone by a clinical look, rather than a visual effect. The piece presents what is actually one of the clearer of Pfau’s zombie renderings, and certainly the most precisely illustrative in this set.

George Pfau's work explores marginal and transitional states of being. Decaying bodies and exposed buildings populate his work. His interest in the in-between also extends to material techniques, as Pfau's pieces are often built in layers and remain semi-transparent. His renderings range between the precisely illustrated and the blurry forms of becoming, but all retain a sense of flux, both of juxtaposition and decomposition.